Facebooker doesn’t play nice with relative_url_root

Posted in ruby on rails by mtjhax on November 5, 2009

If you are using the Facebooker plugin to host your Facebook app with Ruby on Rails, be aware that it modifies ActionController::Base.relative_url_root and will break Rails sites that are not hosted at the root URL of their domain (e.g.,

It’s more than likely I’m just not configuring the plugin correctly and need to go back over the docs and tutorials but it seems a little weird that this plugin just arbitrarily overrides relative_url_root. Maybe the designers were thinking you wouldn’t typically host your Facebook app and your normal web site from the same application.

Once I figure out the workaround or what I’m doing wrong, I will post the answer here (unless someone beats me to it, I dare ya!) but in the meantime I just wanted to send out that warning so others won’t have to waste several hours figuring out modifying the relative_url_root seemed to be doing nothing.



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