Hosting your app on GoDaddy from the site root

Posted in web hosting by mtjhax on November 6, 2009

A quick tip for those who are hosting a Rails app (or any app really) on GoDaddy or other shared hosting sites where the app ends up being hosted from a subdirectory, e.g. instead of just

If you only have one application and want it to be hosted from your root URL, edit your top-level .htaccess file (where you see default GoDaddy files like welcome.html and missing.html) and add something like the following:

# EDIT: added first line so GoDaddy web stats won't break!
# if the requested URL doesn't start with /stats/ or /my_app/
# then add /my_app/ to the beginning
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/stats/.*
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/my_app/.*
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /my_app/$1

If you are using Rails, you can now get rid of the relative_url_root configuration (usually in environment.rb or production.rb), so links will be generated like /images/mypic.jpg instead of /my_app/images/mypic.jpg (although both should work fine).

This probably works on other Apache-based shared hosting providers as well. I haven’t road-tested this solution completely but it’s very basic Apache stuff so there shouldn’t be any problems.

EDIT: Here’s an even better tip for those who are thinking of hosting a Rails app on GoDaddy shared hosting… don’t do it! Unless you just need a cheap site for sharing prototypes. You can get decent VPS hosting for $15/month these days–there’s no reason to have a slow site running on outdated Apache & FastCGI versions that mysteriously crashes about one out of ten page views just to save $7 a month. In GoDaddy’s defense, shared hosting is a fail concept of bygone days now that VPS technology has become so widespread and inexpensive–there’s nothing particularly wrong with their service that a few version updates wouldnt fix.


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