Restart your Phusion Passenger app from a web page

Posted in ruby on rails, web hosting by mtjhax on February 2, 2010

Phusion Passenger has a cute way of letting you restart your Rails app instead of restarting your web server. You just create or touch the file myapp/tmp/restart.txt. If you want to do this from inside your Rails app (maybe you’re tired of typing ‘touch tmp/restart.txt’ in a SSH prompt) just do something like this in a controller:

def restart_server
  render :nothing => true

Just make absolutely certain that this action is not accessible from the outside world (administrators only), can’t be invoked accidentally by a redirect (put in a confirmation dialog?), and can’t get involved in any sort of infinite loop (don’t put anything like this in a homepage controller action). Obviously it doesn’t have to be in a controller, but when you’re sawing off the tree branch you are sitting on, it’s nice to be near the ground (i.e., closer to the top of the call stack).


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